Save our Sanctuary

Save the South Shore Nature Sanctuary & Jackson Park Trees

What is happening?

The planned Tiger Woods Golf Course would destroy the South Shore Nature Sanctuary, which is an important South Side natural area and bird sanctuary, and is currently free and open to the public year-round, and turn it into a golf green, and restrict public access.

What’s the problem with this?

  • COMMUNITY GOLFERS SHUT OUT – Community golfers will be shut out of the course that they’ve come to know and love by periodic tournaments, inaccessible course design, and increased fees.

  • INEQUITY – North Side natural areas are not being targeted. Imagine if the Magic Hedge at Montrose Park was being bulldozed for a golf course!

  • TREE LOSS – 2800 heritage trees would be cut down by the project. Tree loss due to the Obama library and recent storms has been substantial. The South Side has already lost literally thousands of trees. We cannot afford to lose any more.

  • TREE INEQUITY – Mature trees are essential in fighting pollution, overheating and global warming and defending cities from ‘urban heat islands’– areas within cities which have fewer trees and are hotter as a result. Many neighborhoods home to families of color have fewer trees and fewer natural areas – the South Shore neighborhood is an exception. Let’s keep it that way.

  • TOXIC CHEMICALS AND DRINKING WATER – The PGA golf course would threaten the safety of the South Shore Cultural Center beach, by using aggressive, toxic chemicals to maintain its PGA-quality lawns. We swim in this water, and drink this water!

  • STEALING NATURAL AREA FROM SOUTH SIDE – The project would take a mature 6-acre natural area that is free and open to the public and turn it into a golf green for a small few to enjoy

  • HABITAT LOSS – Even a few acres can make a huge difference to migratory bird species and other animals. The unique location of the sanctuary makes it an important location on migratory bird routes.

What’s the ASK?

  • STOP the destruction of 2800 heritage trees from Jackson Park and South Shore Cultural Center Park

  • STOP the destruction of the beautiful and well-established South Shore Nature Sanctuary

  • USE the money from this planned project to improve existing facilities in Jackson Park and South Shore, rather than pushing something on the South Side which makes money for the few at the expense of the general public.

  • KEEP the golf course accessible and affordable to community golfers

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